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'Commissions are a collaboration of sorts since they reflect the artists taste as well as the clients' - Phyllis Behar

Vicky initially started out as a professional artist working only to commission, specialising in animal portraits.   She has worked with many clients over the years to create beautiful keepsakes of their companions, mostly dogs, horses and cats, but with the odd cow and African grey parrot thrown in too.

More recently, clients have been inspired by Vicky's growing portfolio of landscape work ,and she has been commissioned to capture their favourite places and views.

A notable recent commission saw Vicky tackle a very complex project that combined both landscape, and animal work.  The brief required Vicky to paint the clients favourite place, Middle Back Clough - a waterfall in the peak district- on a large canvas (150 x70cm).  Into this landscape Vicky was asked to incorporate 21 wolves, each wolf had to be representative of a member of the clients family.  This project presented many technical challenges, it was to be painted in moonlight and the wolves were, to an extent, fictitious.  As each wolf had to represent an actual person - pose, build and colouring had to be carefully considered - as did the interactions of the wolves within the scene. These challenges, combined with the many elements of the project, dictated a lengthy timescale of 14 months from start to finish.  The key element to its overall success was the ability to collaborate intensely with the client through open and honest discussion.  The resulting piece was an extremely personal, and bespoke work of art that far surpassed the expectations of the client.  


Commission work is something of a passion for Vicky, she loves to work with clients bringing their vision to life by producing personal pieces of art.  Vicky thrives on the challenges commissioned pieces can bring, and prides herself on her ability to fulfill a customers brief.  The preliminary discussion stage is always key to the success of any potential project and Vicky is always happy to discuss any brief with a client, without obligation.  All requests are considered and thoroughly explored before moving forward to the next stage.  If you have any questions, or ideas, you would like to discuss with Vicky, then please do get in touch. With your inspiration, Vicky's skills, and careful collaboration, who knows what you might create together!



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